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Points System

Migaga has a points tracking system that is unique to your server.
Points have a custom name and emoji so your server can make use of them in unique ways.


  • Points can be added or removed by moderators only.
  • Points are specific to your server - they cannot be shared across multiple.
  • Members of the server can gift points between each other.
  • Each server has a leaderboard.
  • Each server can have multiple custom leaderboards for role-based competitions.


/config points <points name>

This command must be run in order to use points in your server!

You must have "Manage Server" permissions to use this command.

Points Name
This is the unique name for points in your server, for example - your server could call points "Rupees".

What to expect
You can use this command whenever, and going forward the bot will refer to your points by that name. This will also enable the usage of points for your server.

/config points-emoji <:emoji:>

Optionally, your points can have an emoji tied to them - to add a bit of flair to your points system.

You must have "Manage Server" permissions to use this command.

Any emoji will do, :coin: or :star: or :dogecoins: - whatever your server wants.
You can also leave this field empty to remove the emoji.

What to expect
Messages posted by Migaga going forward relating to points will include this emoji next to the name.

!points <give|take> <member> <amount>

Use this command to give or take points from a given user.

You must have "Manage Emoji" permissions to use this command.

Action: Give|Take
You can either give or take points from somebody using this command.

The member of the server to give points to: @Lewis#1012 or "Lewis".

The total number of points to give/take in this transaction. There is a limit to how many points you can give in one go... I hope you never find it!

What to expect
Using this command will post a message for the user with the number of points provided and the number of points they now have total.

Giving points
An example of giving points to a user.

An example of giving points to a user.
Please note that in the example Migaga was using a custom prefix.